City/Country: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2021
June 13, 2021
Inspired by Tender Buttons, Gertrude Stein & Love Poems, Friederike Mayröcker, by opus of Frank Bidart, as well by some specific Turbo Folk songs.My series of work has become hybrid of FOOD, OBJECTS & SPACES/ROOMS.

Edible sculptures made out of the bread
Non wearable garments
Trapped pieces of handmade jewelry
Transient spaces and rooms
Everyday experience in form of poems that I wrote

Brze je nego sto kazu
I feel like Viscose turtleneck with holes
Mouth breather
On every corner, they are telling me

Red wine#
Why did you ask me - do you love football?
I hate to be one of the people who buy popcorns in the cinema
I am fine with you I just struggling sleeping with myself
I cycle in a romantic direction
Today is the day when I want to be someone else
I am trained to think
Matt heterosexual relationship
And glossy homosexual
Who invented glass?
I am rearranging silver on the rocks outside
Ice cube in cheap rose wine floating
Immeasurable tanks standing between us
It’s been a week should I start celebrating
I am checking the time
Every minute

Changing the shape of the moon
People! We have all this space
Friends’ forever bracelets breaking
My dishes are never done
Dishwasher is broken
How we going to leave without cups
Smashed Starbucks coffee cup on the street
I love that I can write about everything
Meteoropatija je bolest i vreme ne leci sve
Soft soap without the shape standing in my bathroom for months
I am lying on the floor pretending that I’m dead
And you are the bear.
I didn’t want to live unless I changed the world
And then I did and I didn’t.
Doll’s jokes

I am not a futurist just hate the present
Okay, there is no wifi
Pina colada
Eating disorder
Organic fruits
Context of a garden
The first day of May I didn’t know you
Illegal blue
Pistachio ice cream
When something is burnt
Gardening situation
Bitter fruits

Blood in the mouth
The body is one of many islands
No, I am not feeling reborn
The shape of the pine tree
Apple cider
Our generations’ gap
Cold cold moon
Online banking password
Not thinking about food because it’s overrated
Real champagne

Cold food order
Big secret
Small talk
No longer cinnamon but the sugar cube
Rose blossom
Trying to change me is like trying to hold your own hand
Delusional lucid dreams are my favorite type of dreams
Rose lemonade
Eating gummy frogs preparing for bed and planning our future trips outside of here

All Rights Reserved: Kristina Deska Nikolić, 2021

Photo Credit: Aaron Amar Bhamra

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