City/Country: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2021
While combining a poetic and often metaphorical language, self-made objects, and coloring book inspired drawings; I made a playground base full of topics; Such as sex, fetishism, restriction of language & (I like to call it) psychedelic garden. Time and memory always play a key role in my work, so events from personal biography were the main triggers to start the project. I tried to develop forms (textual, drawn, and sculptural) that do not follow logical criteria, but are based on subjective associations and truly connected with the place between working in an intuitional way and in a totally limiting and restrictive way.

SCANDALOUS FLOWER – soft textil sculpture; 2021
SUDDENLY FIRE – series of 7 drawings; color pencil & marker on paper, 2021.


Scarlet Frank
Scandalous Flowers Smoking Florist
She Feared Serious Forgetting Slowed Forgiving
Shocking Forms
Sensational Figures
Significant Fragile Silk Faust

Sunday Flirting Signalizing Failure
Shaking Fiancé
Slavery Fanatic
Sexual Fetish Sensual Fantasies
Social Frustration
Serving Fingers Smelling Fluids System Failing
Spectacular Fame

Sunrise Fever Shiny Fixed
Sculpture Fountain
Science Fiction Stressful Factory
Stable Friendship
Southern Fate

Single Fossil
Sarcastic Fabulous Structured Furniture
Sarcastic Faces
Serving Fake Simple Food
Strong Fresh Satirical Film
Senseless Function
Silent Fairyland
Serbian Flavors
Small Fiasco

Sleeping Fetus
Suddenly Fire
Summer Field
Safe Flight Sustainable Fears
Sneakers Floating
Screaming Fashion*

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Photo Credit: Maria Belova

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