Earring for a giant allergic to bijouterie No. 1

Space:  Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Vienna
Year: 2023
sharp peaks of a metal construction are gripping the pillow in an almost aggressive hug...
ornamental stopper slides down the earring neck, the earring of a giant who cannot wear nonsilver pieces

With no real intention to replicate reality or depict realistic features of a jewelry piece, the sculpture is made for a fictional character with specific needs. Fewer things about this piece excluding the fact of its existence are real. As the title is saying, creatures such as giants can be allergic* *a metaphor for weakness in everything even if it seems that some things are unbreakable.
The sculpture is posing a question of twisted values in between the qualities of materials.
The hardness of such a thing as a diamond becoming soft here is mirroring the idea of an
undestroyable being.

Photo Credit:  Kristina Deska Nikolic

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All Rights Reserved.
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